Get to Know Me

Hi. I'm Monique and I want to be your therapist. 

A few things to know about me as a therapist: 

I am human, which means I've felt an entire range of emotions just like you have. 

I strive to be 100% myself in session with my clients because I don't feel like therapy would be good any other way. 

I enjoy humor in sessions because laughter is a gift. 

I will walk with you through your healing journey, I will get in the trenches with you but I cannot "fix you." 

The kind of therapy I do with people is organic and client led- we create plans together and move towards goals you set. 

I will cheer you on when you feel like giving up. 

I've wanted to be a therapist for a very long time and I absolutely feel it is a privilege that people allow me to do this work with them. I decided to specialize in two very important things. Trauma healing which utilizes my EMDR skill set and Prenatal/Postnatal mental health.

I feel strongly that in order to best treat Postpartum disorders the clinician must know as much about it as they can. It is not the same as Major Depression or Anxiety. I feel this way because I personally experienced PPD and PPA with my first birth and I realized there was a lack of knowledge base for this in mental health providers in our area. This is when I decided I would fill that gap. 

I want you as a potential client to feel empowered to ask me questions if you'd like to know more about what I do specifically in order to see if I am the best fit for your needs. And one last thing about me. I am here when you are ready.