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    I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wayne State University and a Masters in Counseling from Wayne State University College of Education. I am an EMDR therapist, I received this specialized therapy training through EMDRIA approved trainers Max and Lisa Sager in St. Louis, MO. I have been practicing EMDR and experienced great success with clients using this technique. I specialize in helping young adult and adult clients with traumatic experiences, childhood abuse/trauma/neglect and a wide range of symptoms that resulted from early experience. 

    I love working with people to build new strength and confidence in themselves. I am passionate about helping people who suffer from intense worry and anxiety, depression, eating disorders and low self esteem. 

   My specialties include trauma (ptsd and complex trauma) which utilizes my EMDR skill set and Prenatal/Postnatal mental health. 

   Trauma is something that can take a toll for days, months, years after it occurs. It can happen to someone or they can be a witness. I believe the mind and body use those instances to shape the way we feel about ourselves and our world. This lead me to do advanced training beyond basic therapy in EMDR therapy. This approach helps reduce current symptoms like anxiety, fear, irritability, depression, insomnia, disordered eating, low self esteem in clients in a systematic and highly effective way. 

   I feel very passionate about working with new mothers to overcome postpartum depression, anxiety and ocd. Postpartum disorders are not experienced the same way as Major Depression or Anxiety. I work with mothers to help them build coping skills, process through their experiences, discover their strength and ultimately find joy in contentment with themselves and their lives. 

   I want you as a potential client to feel empowered to ask me questions if you'd like to know more about what I do specifically in order to see if I am the best fit for your needs.  

Monique Edwards


EMDR Therapist 

St Clair Shores MI 



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