Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

I provide a non-judgementaI atmosphere where growth and healing can take place. You no longer have to keep going through this alone. In therapy sessions, we will work together to strengthen your coping skills and strategies. Together we will see what is working in your life and what is not. While resolving current issues often touching on parts of the past. Through supportive talk therapy and mindfulness techniques you will begin to have more awareness. I will help you learn to respond to stressful situations as opposed to react. 
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EMDR Therapy

Here For You

EMDR therapy is a unique and highly effective therapy method which has traditionally been used to treat PTSD and Phobias. Through the years it has been proven to be helpful at treating more than just PTSD alone. 
This method of therapy allows your brain to heal itself with the guide of a therapist, along with bi-lateral stimulation and resource building. 
This therapy offers the opportunity to dive directly into past memories in order to desensitize their effect and change the way you view yourself and how you experience the world.

Couples Therapy

Quality Care

 I offer many services for couples including: 

Extended Sessions

Conflict Resolution Sessions 

Premarital Counseling

EMDR Couples Therapy

Postpartum Mental Health

Depression Anxiety OCD PTSD

Often times after the birth of a child we are expected to be happy, enjoying the most beautiful event of our lives. In reality the postpartum period can be filled with feelings of guilt, sadness, stress and pressure. Sometimes it feels like it's all our fault, why can't we feel the bliss everyone talks about? 

 Almost a third of mothers experience this, you are not alone. 

I tailor a unique treatment for each mother I see which includes psycho-education, learning self compassion & acceptance, teaching coping skills and helping mothers to rediscover their individual identity.

Often I will implement EMDR in order to help mothers overcome trauma which may have been triggered or is directly related to their birth experience. 

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