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Self Care on a Budget

Self care it's the new cool thing to do. Just kidding. But seriously what is self care and why is everyone talking about it?

Self care is literally enjoyable activities that rejuvenate you. It could be as a simple as making yourself a healthy meal to enjoy, reading the next chapter in your book or even taking a walk around the block.

I've compiled a list of some of my favorite self care activities that you can do on any budget:

  • Epsom Salt bath

  • Listen to music

  • Yoga (self guided or yoga with Adrienne on youtube!)

  • Take a nap

  • Guided meditation (Youtube is free!)

  • Re-read your favorite book from your childhood

  • Read a book

  • Read a magazine

  • Dance around your house

  • Listen to some jazz while you clean or cook

  • Take a walk in your neighborhood

  • Find a cheap matinee movie showing

  • Check out Groupon for $5 tickets

  • Visit the art museum

  • Visit the history museum

  • Take a walk in a new park observe your surroundings

  • Sit by the water

  • Coloring books

  • Visit the pet store

  • Breath

  • Sing

  • Paint anything! You don’t need to having painting skills to release what is inside of you.

  • Visit a new library and hang out and read some poetry

  • Sit in the sunshine

  • Visit a garage or estate sale

  • Laugh! Get lost in youtube hilarious videos.

  • Visit the humane society and help

  • Volunteer

  • Visit a conservatory

  • Go Swing!

  • Listen to a podcast on a subject you are interested in

  • Grow a plant from a seed.

  • Play cards with someone

  • Light some incense or a candle

  • Have a coffee/tea and people watch

  • Check out a local festival

  • Go bird watching

  • Take a hot shower

  • Go out at night and look at the stars

  • Make a bonfire

  • Planning a future trip to take

  • Walk your dog or walk your friend's dog

  • Rearrange a room in your house

  • Rent a movie and popcorn

  • Journal or write a creative story/poem

  • Touch something in nature

  • Hug a tree (yes let yourself be the weirdo!)

  • Meditate

  • Join a free club

  • Go for a hike

  • Organize

  • Make a gratitude jar decorate it and add something you’re grateful for each day.

  • Go to a local school sports event

  • Try a new recipe and then eat it

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