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How to deal with big changes in your life

Life transitions can be hard for anyone. While they are generally considered a part of life- it is not always possible to just move through it. During these periods of change our minds, bodies and spirit are adjusting as well.

Now is a great time to slow down and reflect. Even for a few minutes a day. Take the time to acknowledge the change and any discomfort or excitement that comes with it.

Check in with your body: How do you feel? Are you noticing more aches and pains? Where? Do you feel under the weather?

Sometimes our bodies react in interesting ways during change- our bodies are trying to communicate and we need to listen.

Check in with your mind: Are you experiencing racing thoughts? Before bed going over lists of to-dos? Are you suddenly irritable? Isolating yourself?

Often times change can be scary or at least hard to adjust to. Sometimes our minds fall back into using old coping skills under new stressors. Try writing down some of the things that are popping up in your head. Sometimes its helpful to seek a professional when some of these thoughts just won't pass our you're not feeling quite like yourself.

Check in with your spirit: Are you feeling drained? Do you feel a disconnect? Like something is missing?

Big changes can mean big shifts within ourselves as well. What have you done to connect to yourself lately? Maybe schedule some time to meditate or do physical activity that gives you that euphoric feeling.

Because change is a part of all of our lives it may be helpful to reach out to a friend or confide in your family. We all feel it, you don't have to go through it alone.

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