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What is EMDR?

EMDR therapy is a unique evidence based therapeutic approach for many mental health issues. Traditionally used for PTSD, it can be used to target any traumatic or stressful events.

What does that mean exactly? EMDR therapy allows the brain to do it's own healing from past events with the help of a trained provider.

How it works

EMDR therapists utilize specific techniques to provide Bi-lateral stimulation. This is usually done with physical interaction (tapping or use of Thera-tappers) or controlled eye movements. The stimulation of the left and then the right side of the body and the brain helps clients to recall conscious and sometimes subconscious information. This stimulates the emotional and logical sides of the brain to allow for appropriate processing of events that may have had lasting negative effects. Sometimes past events can damage our self-esteem, create a negative inner dialog, cause reoccurring nightmares or flashing images, create anxious feelings and inability to cope. The whole EMDR therapy process is similar to the natural healing process that occurs during REM sleep. We can reproduce this during waking hours through the tapping or eye movements used in this therapy and following a specific protocol within sessions.

Because EMDR therapy allows us to access unconscious material and actually reprocess events it is generally more short term than traditional talk therapy.

The body keeps score

Events can get stored within our bodies

Stress can cause ailments within our bodies and wreak havoc on the healthy mind. Many people experience panic attacks, trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, body aches or upset digestions when they have not processed painful or scary experiences.

How can it help me?

EMDR while most widely known for treating PTSD is actually an effective treatment for most mental healthy issues. Including: general anxiety, panic disorder, depression, eating disorders, OCD, somatoform disorders and more. Some people notice an immediate difference within the first few sessions.

It is important to find a fully trained EMDR therapist when looking for a provider.