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4 Ways to be Kind to Yourself Today

Self compassion does not always come naturally. Sometimes you have to actively make the decision to be nice to yourself, to nurture yourself and to love yourself. Here are just a few ways to show yourself the kindness and love you deserve today.

Take a moment

Today instead of rushing straight to the office or going into task destroying mode. Before you go in for the night. Go outside and experience a moment- notice the temperature, notice if the sun makes your face warm. Notice how the cold feels on your skin. Sit or stand in your favorite corner of the house and look at something that brings you joy. Notice something around you that is beautiful. Notice what you see, hear and feel right now. Give it space. Allow yourself that moment to appreciate the body you are in.

Nourish yourself

Prepare yourself a meal that you like and allow yourself to enjoy it fully- experiencing all of the tastes and textures. Show yourself gratitude for taking the time and energy to nourish your body.

Listen to music

Put on a song that speaks to your soul. Sing and dance if you want or just sit and enjoy it. Give yourself that moment of pure connection.

Go to bed early

Even if you don't go right to sleep. Retire early maybe do a meditation or read a book. That thing you need to get done can wait for one day, the dishes will be there tomorrow. Rest.

Obviously there are a ton of ways for you to show yourself kindness and self-love. These are just a few; find what speaks to you.

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